Enerpac Mechanical & Hydraulic Bolting Tools

Enerpac’s comprehensive range of mechanical and hydraulic bolting equipment provides precise & effective force to make your work more productive, safer, and easier to perform. From joint assembly, controlled tightening, torque wrench pumps to joint separation, Enerpac’s bolting equipment, tools & accessories offer the solution bestsuited to the project, available from one source.

Joint Assembly Tools

Correct joint assembly and alignment are crucial to joint integrity. Whether you are pulling in a pipeline connection, fitting winches to a boat deck or overhauling a dragline, the wide range of Enerpac’s Joint Assembly products provide simple-to-use, dependable solutions to the time-consuming, less accurate traditional methods.

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Controlled Tightening Tools

Enerpac offers a variety of controlled tightening tools to best meet the requirements of your application. From mechanical torque multipliers to hydraulically driven square drive wrenches, and low profile torque wrenches. We offer the hydraulic torque tools you need for accurate and simultaneous tightening of multiple bolts.

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Joint Separation Tools

Correct joint disassembly is especially important during maintenance operations. Separation of stubborn joints is often a laborious and time-consuming task. Traditional methods may carry the risk of personal injury or damage to expensive joint components. Our wide range of Joint Separation equipment is designed specifically to provide quicker, simpler and safer solutions.

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Associated Pumps

Enerpac offers a wide range of hydraulic torque wrench pumps, with electric or air motors to power single or double-acting hydraulic torque wrenches. Safe and efficient new Enerpac Z-Class ZU4T-series pumps with universal electric motor made especially for repetitive bolting tasks.

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