Enerpac Joint Assembly Tools

Correct joint assembly and alignment are crucial to joint integrity. Whether you are pulling in a pipeline connection, fitting winches to a boat deck or overhauling a dragline, the wide range of Enerpac’s Joint Assembly products provide simple-touse, dependable solutions to the time-consuming, less accurate traditional methods.

FF-Series, Mechanical Flange Face Tool

  • Makes refacing easy – hand operated machine tool can be set up anywhere without the need for air, electric or hydraulic power
  • Lightweight and portable (15 kg in storage box)
  • Adjustable cutting head for reface of flat flange surfaces of pipes with flange OD facing range 25,4 - 304,8 mm [1 - 12 inch]
  • Interchangeable collets for ID mounting range 25,4 - 152,4 mm [1-6 inch] allow the user to work on many different flanges with minimal time between set-ups
  • Interchangeable lead screws suitable for refacing damaged raised face (RF), flat-face (FF) or lens-ring joint flanges
  • Tool body with expanding collets centers itself providing real concentric operation.

RCH-Series, Hollow Plunger Cylinders

  • Enerpac hollow plunger cylinders provide versatility in testing, maintenance and tensioning applications. The hollow plunger design allows for both pull and push forces
  • Single-acting spring return
  • Cylinders are nickel-plated, floating center tube on models over 20 tons increases product life
  • Baked enamel finish for increased corrosion resistance
  • Collar threads for easy fixturing
  • RCH-120 cylinders include AR-630 coupler and has 1/4 NPTF port
  • RCH-121 and RCH-1211 cylinders have FZ-1630 reducer and AR-630 coupler, all other models feature CR-400 coupler

ATM-Series, Flange Alignment Tools

  • Enerpac ATM-Series tools rectify twist and rotational misalignment quickly, safely and without the need for an external power source
  • Appropriate for use on most ANSI, API, BS and DIN flanges
  • Reduces set-up time: no need for chains, pulleys or rigs
  • Safety strap helps provide secure operation
  • Can be installed and used in any position
  • Portable, lightweight design enables easy transport and use, even in remote locations.

SC-Series, Single-Acting, Cylinder-Pump Sets

  • Optimum match of individual components
  • All sets are ready-for-use and include single-acting cylinder, two-speed pump, 1,8 m safety hose and gauge and adaptor
  • Choice between handpump, air driven foot pump or cordless pump
  • RC-Series DUO, General Purpose Cylinders: for maximum versatility
  • RCS-Series, L ow Height Cylinder: ideal where space is restricted
  • RCH-Series, Hollow Plunger Cylinders:for pushing and pulling applications.