Poppet Style Couplers

Series BIR

  • Positive-stop valving prevents flow checking
  • Large diameter sleeves resist deformation
  • Steel sleeves hardened for maximum life
  • Suitable for open center or closed center hydraulic system
  • Interchangeable according to the ISO 7241-1

Series I-IP

  • Quick-release couplings mainly used in agriculture
  • Push-Pull system makes connection and disconnection very easy
  • Conformity to ISO 7241-1-A standards ensures worldwide interchangeability
  • Suitable for flexible hose connections
  • Breakaway feature (if panel mounted)

Series IRB / IRBX / IRBO

  • IRB: carbon steel material with Nitrile seals
  • IRBO: brass material with Viton seals
  • IRBX: 316 stainless steel with Viton seals
  • Compactness
  • Interchange: Parker 60, Aeroquip FD45, Faster HNV

Series IR / IRV / IRS

  • Interchangeable according to ISO 5675
  • IR: ball seal valve
  • IRV: poppet seal valve
  • IRS: push pull coupling
  • IRS PC: push pull sleeve connectable under residual