Miscellaneous Style Couplers

Series W

  • Seals: Nitrile
  • Threaded sleeve allows connection/disconnection under pressure
  • Coupler: brass material
  • Wing: cast steel
  • Nipple: brass material
  • Interchange: Parker 6100

Series IVHP

  • 10,000 psi working pressure
  • Seals: Nitrile
  • Material: hardened steel for higher burst pressure than competitors

Series IRH

  • European Poppet Interchange
  • Interchange: Tema "T"
  • Applications include chemical industries, industrial plants, material handling, and mobile machinery
  • Standard poppet and pressure eliminator poppet available

Series VR

  • European Screw Coupler
  • Friction ring to prevent accidental disconnection
  • Hardened valve bodies for impulse applications
  • Interchangeable with the German market
  • Wide range of port options

Series VLS

  • Coupling body: zinc plated steel
  • Nipple is zinc plated hardened steel
  • Seals: Nitrile
  • Anti-extrusion rings are Teflon
  • Internal components designed to reduce turbulence and handle impulse applications
  • Screw-on system ensures connection under residual pressure

Series VU Check Valves

  • Material: steel with black phosphate
  • Closing spring in C72 material
  • Standard Crack 5 psi and 65 psi
  • Standard SAE and NPT threads
  • Various crack pressures optional
  • Central exhausting hole option