Enerpac Workholding

High-Pressure Hydraulic Products Including Clamps, Pumps, Cylinders, Calves, System Components and Accessories

70 Bar Products

Enerpac 70 bar (1000 psi) low pressure workholding devices include link clamps, swing clamps and remote mount system valves. All have a nickel finish providing superior corrosion resistance. Both single- and double-acting link and swing clamp models are designed with BSPP and manifold porting. Low-pressure system valves include remote mount P.O. check, sequence, and pressure-reducing valves. Ideal for workholding applications in machining fixtures, welding fixtures, and/or leak testing machines.

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Enerpac Collet Lok®

Enerpac Collet-Lok® products combine the automation of hydraulic actuation with the security of an internal locking mechanism. After actuation and locking, these products maintain their clamping or supporting capacity without maintaining hydraulic pressure in the circuit. Available in Swing, Push, and Work Supports models, Enerpac Collet-Lok® products are also available in numerous special configurations and modifications.

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Swing Cylinders

Enerpac swing cylinders offer the benefits of precision and maximum clamping force, plus application flexibility through our wide range of products. Their flexible design allows easier connections and precise positioning, plus simple installation and removal. Available in single- and double- acting swing cylinder models

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SafeLink Wireless Monitoring

Enerpac wireless monitoring systems enable operators of machining centers to monitor fixture pressure and clamp position in real time even when parts are being machined. Monitoring systems can also be used to verify that the operator has properly pressurized the fixture before it is sent inside the machining center.

  • WIRELESS communication between a fixture circuit and the machine control
  • Fixture mounted “SEND” unit uses radio communication to monitor pressure and/or clamp position
  • 2.4 GHz Frequency Band for global acceptance
  • “Frequency Hopping” used to for signal stability, even in busy production environments
  • “SEND” units are easily reassigned to a different “RECEIVE” unit so fixtures can be moved between machines
  • No limit to the number of systems used in a production area
  • “SEND” units are internally powered by a replaceable 3.6 VDC Lithium battery – provides up to 3-year battery life
  • “SEND” units are sealed to IP-67 for protection from contamination and coolant
  • LED lights for visual status indication
  • LCD Display window for set-up and status display

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Work Support

Enerpac Work Supports combine the multiple mounting configurations for design flexibility, corrosion resistance, and low-pressure lock-up to plug into mechanical tool hydraulic systems. Our exclusive Collet-Lok design allows the support to maintain its position even after the hydraulic force is removed.

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Linear Cylinders

Enerpac has the most complete line of Linear Cylinders - compact short-stroke spring return cylinders to heavy-duty double-acting automation cylinders. Whether you need to push it, pull it, clamp it, punch it, stamp it, press it, or hold it in place for days at a time, Enerpac has the right linear cylinder.

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Power Sources

From simple manual pumps, to heavy-duty, and even customizable electric-driven hydraulic pumps, Enerpac has a wide range of hydraulic power sources to meet your specific workholding needs. Combined with a wide range of accessories, Enerpac hydraulic power units are versatile, durable and design for long life and reliability.

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A complete line of workholding valves & accessories to complement any hydraulic system. This includes manual and electric directional valves, plus pressure control, flow control and specialty valves to satisfy your applications workholding needs.

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System Components

The complete line of Enerpac’s Workholding Systems Components – gauges, pressure switches, hoses, couplers – is available in a variety of sizes, and is versatile enough for many applications. Specialized workholding components such as accumulators and automatic coupler systems complete the full range of products. Each component is engineered to make your work easier and safer to perform.

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