System Components

The complete line of Enerpac’s Workholding Systems Components – gauges, pressure switches, hoses, couplers – is available in a variety of sizes, and is versatile enough for many applications. Specialized workholding components such as accumulators and automatic coupler systems complete the full range of products. Each component is engineered to make your work easier and safer to perform.

CR, CRV-Series Rotary Unions

  • Provide a permanent hydraulic connection on indexing and rotating work stations
  • High rotation per minute
  • Low starting torque
  • Internal oil bearings for increased lifetime
  • Single, 2 or 4 passage coupler type

AC, WA-Series

  • Ideal for high frequency and rapid discharge applications
  • High energy storage capacity in a compact package
  • Spring actuated accumulator for ACM-1
  • Corrosion resistant bodies on ACL series
  • Spring actuated accumulator for ACM-1

AC, AP, MHV-Series Coupler Packages

  • Compact design for easy use of accumulators
  • Single design accommodates both single-acting or double-acting circuit
  • Relief valve fitted and ball check shut-off
  • Glycerin-filled gauge included
  • Supplied standard with one male coupler

IC, PSCK-Series Pressure Switches

  • Provide reliable electrical control of hydraulic power
  • Compact design minimizes space requirements on fixture
  • Pressure switches are is easily adjustable to meet system requirements.

MC-Series Manual Couplers

  • Available with or without an internal pilot operated check valve
  • Use on palletized fixtures
  • SAE Porting for tubing connections
  • Filtration to prevent contamination
  • Removable front plate provides access to the front filters and check cartridges