Amplifier Electronics

  • Analogue and digital amplifier electronics
  • For utilization in industrial and mobile applications
  • As plug-in version, in Europe card format, as snap-on module and as mobile electronics
  • For driving one, two, four or eight proportional solenoids
  • Plug acc. to DIN 43650 type A for the most simple applications
  • Europe card and snap-on module with parameterization possibility on the front plate or by menu-controlled parameterization and diagnostic software
  • Standard versions expandable with further modules and functions
  • Adaptation to customer requirements mostly possible without any hardware adaptations

Controller Electronics

  • Digital control electronics
  • Position, pressure, volume flow and flow controller
  • Axis controller with freely adjustable travel profiles
  • For analogue and partly digital measuring systems
  • For utilization in industrial applications
  • In Europe card format as snap-on module
  • For driving two or four solenoid
  • Parameterization by menu-controlled parameterization and diagnostic software
  • Simple and rapid handling
  • Adaption to customer requirements