Murr Elektronik

Connection Technology

Murr Elektronik is a leading supplier of cordsets, with an almost infinite variety of cable types, colors and connector styles.

The M8 and M12 connectors as well as the valve connectors are available as pre-wired models, with almost all cable lengths. LED and suppression are also available integrated. Useful adapters and T-couplers increase installation options. The torque wrench is a useful tool and ensure sealed connections.

Product Overview

  • Adapters
  • Cables by the meter
  • Field-wireable connectors
  • Fieldbus cables
  • Motor cables
  • Sensor Actuator Cables
  • T-Couplers
  • Torque Wrench


Interfaces from the cabinet to the field are an essential part of many installation concepts.

Murr Elektronik offers a comprehensive product range for quick connections, easy separations and for connecting diagnostic equipment. The components can be used variably. Power outlets for the cabinet and bright lighting elements complement the product line.

Product Overview

  • Lighting elements
  • Modlink MPV
  • Modlink MSDD
  • Modlink MSVD
  • MSDD Hybrid Fieldbus Couplings
Popular Product

Power Supplies

Industrial power supplies from Murrelektronik's new MCS Series are UL508-rated and CE-certified - are extremely compact and lightweight compared to traditional linear power supplies.

Engineered for easy "plug-and-play" DIN-rail mounting, the MCS Series features fully enclosed construction and finger-safe design. It offers full protection against short circuit, overload/overvoltage and overheating, and it doesn't require a secondary fuse.

Popular Product

Surge Suppression: Main Filters

Mains filters work in two ways. They reduce emission from electrical devices and, at the same time, increase immunity against external interference. Mains filters are integrated into power supply leads if the interference comes from a permanent source. Devices that continuously generate interference voltages and currents include switch-mode power supplies, phase controls, electronics for data transfer, etc.

Popular Product

Valve Connectors: MSUD Plug Connectors With Cables

  • Valve plug, DIN 43650 Form A, B, C as well as Industry standard plug, pin spacing 11/9.4 mm for solenoid valves and pressure switches
  • Various cable lengths to meet your requirements
  • Pre-wired connection cable reduces wiring costs and time
  • Integrated suppression circuit for EMC-compatible installation
  • LED for status indication
  • Bridged earth contact (PE) allows 0° or 180° plug orientation
Popular Product

VM12 / M8 Connectors For Sensors

  • Sensor and actuator connections using M8/M12 round plugs with 3, 4, or 5 poles, straight or 90-degree.
  • Connectors pre-wired or for wiring in the field
  • Various cable lengths to meet your requirements
  • LED status indicator option
  • Vibration-proof fitting
  • Rated IP67 for use in wet & dusty environments