Series A - Pneumatic Cylinders

  • Steel Construction
  • 250 PSI Air Service
  • Standard NFPA Mounting Styles
  • 1.5" through 6" Bores Cataloged
  • Larger Bores Available

Milwaukee Series “A” pneumatic cylinders are built to perform on the toughest applications. Incorporating a variety of Milwaukee “Exclusive” advanced features, proven through the years, these cylinders will provide a long, maintenance-free service life. Advanced engineering combined with quality materials and expert workmanship contributes to the making of a rugged, top quality pneumatic cylinder.


  1. Removeable Retainer Plate
    The retainer plate and rod bushings are external removable. On most models, total disassembly of the cylinder is not necessary. Four capscrews securetly hold and lock the retainer plate in place
  2. Rod Bushing and Seals
    The rod bushing is accurately machined from solid bearing bronze. It is poiloted and retained in the in cap to procide positive rod support, and designed for maximum bearing area. Buna-N seals are supplied as standard with Milwaukee Cylinder Series A cylinders. They are suitable for use with air or petroleum base fluids up to a temperature of 200 °F. For high temperature or synthetic petroleum base fluids, seals of Viton and Teflon are available.
  3. Ports
    Large NPTF cylinder ports are standard and can be located to customer requirements, SAE ports available.
  4. Piston Rod
    The piston rod is of high strength steel, hardened and plated to resist scoring and crrosion, assuring maximum life.
  5. Piston
    An iron piston is precision machined from fine grained iron alloy. The piston is fitted and treaded to the rod.
  6. Cylinder Barrel
    The barrel is honed and hard chrome plated. This provides superior sealing power, with the minimum of friction, to assure long seal life. Composite barrel is standard for 10″ diameter or larger.
  7. End Caps
    End caps and mountings are of high quality steel, precision machined for accurate mounting.
  8. Tie-Rods
    The tie-rods are constructed from a high quality medium carbon steel. The threads are accurately rolled for rigid engagement of the nuts.
  9. Cushions
    Cushions are machined to close tolerance to provide positive, smooth deceleration at the end of stroke. On all bore sizes, we provide the longest cushion possible, based on the rod size and blind end caps. Longer cushions are available.
  10. Cushion Needle Adjustment
    The cushion needle adjustment valve and cushion-check ball retainer screw are specifically designed to provide full cushion adjustment