Precision Automation

Precision actuation systems from Milwaukee Cylinder can operate in both compression and tension, and offer best-in-class measurement and control performance. The difference with Milwaukee Cylinder is that these systems are specifically tailored to the application because we know that one size does not fit all with testing machines.

Precision assembly and test systems consist of a servo-cylinder and valve, load frame, integrated fore and displacement transducers, power unit and motion controller computer. Customers can purchase individual components to integrate in their current system or purchase a full custom engineered system. Contact us for more information.

Precision actuation is ideal for Measurement Systems in:

  • Research & Development
  • Statistical Process Control
  • Quality Assurance

Precision actuation is also designed for Active Feedback Systems for:

  • Precision Assembly
  • Synchronized Loading/Lifting

Testing Types

  • Force vs. Displament vs. Time
  • Stress vs. Strain
  • Creep/Relaxation (Force/Displacement Hold)
  • Dyanmic/High-Cycle/Fatigue
  • Ultimate Tensile Strength
  • Force at Rupture
  • Material Property Characterization

Application Examples

  • Manufactures of high-strenght products (over 5,000 lbf)
  • High cycle and/or multi-axis applications
  • Processes requiring tight repeatability
  • Mechanical performance specifications: force, deflection, stiffness, duty cycle
  • Noncomplaince can result in catastrophe

Sensor Collection

High resolution digital readouts from Milwaukee Cylinder are ease to use, include accuracy enhancements, and optional feasures to allow for flexibilty without compromising power.

Rod-end load sensors (FELS) are mounted directly to the rod-end of a cylinder for excellent accuracy and sensitivity. This family Includes:

  • S-RELS Series: Standard Rod-End Load Sensors
  • F-RELS Series: Fatigue Rated Rod-End Load Sensors
  • P-RELS Series: Premium Rod-End Load Sensors
  • P-RELS Series with Amplified Sensors (Imperial and Metric)
  • P-RELS Series with Digital Readout (Imperial and Metric)

Surface-Mount Load Sensors(SMLS Series) can be mounted to any flat, rigid surface to capture a direct measurement. This family includes amplified sensors in imperial and metric.