Linear Alignment Coupler

  • Eliminates alignment problems
  • Reduces rod seal and bearing wear
  • Permits a greater tolerance between cylinder center line and mating member
  • Works equally well in “push” or “pull” applications


  • Provides power-off clamping of rods and shafts
  • Clamps are actuated by a spring/collet mechanism and unclamped by hydraulic pressure
  • Designed to clamp components after the motion has stopped and to hold the position securely as long as the forces do not exceed the table values (found in catalog)

Optional Acessories

  • Proximity Switch – to indicate an “unlocked condition
  • Air Bleed – It is important that all the air be bled from the AMLOCK® piston area. It is recommended to install and automatic air bleed valve between the AMLOK® and the oil reservoir.