ARC™ Cylinder Technology

K.R. West Company is proud to offer the new patent pending ARC™ Technology by Milwaukee Cylinder for their H-Series hydraulic cylinders.

The Problem: In traditional cylinders, oil does not flow through the piston. Depending upon hose length, oil does not recirculate back to the cylinder. Oil becomes stagnant in the cylinder. Stagnant oil breaks down over time, reducing the life of the cylinder. It is like never changing the oil in your car.

The Solution: Patent pending ARC™ (Automatic Recirculating Cylinder) Technology by Milwaukee Cylinder. ARC™ automatically bypasses the piston when the cylinder reaches the end-of-stroke on the side ARC™ is installed. This allows filtered, cool oil to circulate through the cylinder, displacing stagnant oil and thus increasing cylinder life, by 25% or more. When not at the end-of-stroke, ARC™ closes, preventing oil from bypassing the cylinder and allowing the cylinder to reach full power and speed.

ARC™ is available on selected bore/rod combination for the Milwaukee Cylinder H-Series (3000 psi) family of products in high or low flow ARC™ options. Cylinders that include the ARC™ option include an 18-month warranty vs. the standard 12-month warranty. Please contact us more information.