M3000 Mini Series

Monnier introduces its M3000 Series of air preparation products to add modular connectivity to its robust line of miniature FRLs. The existing 3000 series of filters, regulators and lubricators have been the gold standard for performance in the miniature air preparation market for years. The new M3000 series offers the same performance, reliability and durability while adding aesthetic appeal and modular connectivity.

Highlights of the M3000 series include:
  • Nipple free connections between components – Space savings for tight envelope sizes
  • Connections without any additional brackets or hardware
  • Tie rod connectors ensure zero leaks between components
  • Same accuracy, repeatability and responsiveness as the 101-3000 series
  • Available in all metal construction for harsh applications
  • Variety of bonnets, bowls, pressure ranges and elements available as in our standard 3000 series
  • Coalescing filters now available with carbon elements
Mini Series are Available In:
  • M204-3000 Miniature Series Particulate Filter
  • M204-3009 Miniature Series Coalescing Filters
  • M101-3000/M111-3000/M102-3000 Miniature Series Regulators
  • M305-3000 Miniature Series Lubricators
  • M3000 Miniature Series Particulate Filter/Regulator
  • M3009 Miniature Series Coalescing Filter/Regulators Modular Combinations