Enerpac Hydraulic Manual Pumps

Enerpac combines the widest selection of high pressure hydraulic pumps available with reliability, durability and built-in safety to make it easy to find the right pump for any application requiring applied force. Available in over 1,000 different hydraulic power unit configurations, including manual pumps, battery driven pumps, gas powered pumps, air driven pumps, and electric driven pumps, perfectly matched to Enerpac’s family of tools and accessories. Our high pressure hydraulic pumps and valves offer a lifetime warranty, and are designed to make you more productive and efficient in the work you perform.

P-Series, Hydraulic Lightweight Hand Pumps

  • Enerpac high pressure, hydraulic lightweight hand pumps feature a compact design and are available in single and two speed pump types
  • Durable glass-filled nylon reservoir and nylon encapsulated aluminum pump base for maximum corrosion resistance
  • Two-speed operation on most models reduces handle strokes by as much as 78% over single speed pumps
  • Lower handle effort to minimize operator fatigue
  • Integral 4-way valve on P-842 for operation of doubleacting cylinders
  • Handle lock and lightweight construction for easy carrying
  • Large oil capacities to power a wide range of cylinders or tools
  • Non-conductive fiberglass handle for operator safety
  • Internal pressure relief valve for overload protection

P-Series, ULTIMA Hydraulic Steel Hand Pumps

  • Enerpac high pressure ULTIMA hydraulic steel hand pumps are the solution for tough jobs
  • Reduced handle effort and ergonomic grip for less operator fatigue
  • Two-speed operation for fast and easy operation (except P-39)
  • Vent free reservoir eliminates spills
  • Quick grip handle allows for easy transport
  • Integral reservoir over-pressurization protection
  • All steel construction, chrome plated plunger and wiper system for durable, long lasting performance
  • 4-way valving on the P84 and P-464 for operation of double-acting cylinders
  • Large oil capacities to power a wide range of cylinders or tools

P-Series, Hydraulic Low Pressure Hand Pumps

  • Enerpac low pressure hydraulic hand pumps are designed for less than 10,000 psi
  • P-25 and P-50 pump oil in both forward and reverse handle movement improving overall efficiency, ideal when mounting space is restricted
  • External load-release valve
  • Internal pressure-relief valve for overload protection
  • P-51 hand pump model can be operated in horizontal and vertical position with

P392FP-Series, Lightweight Hydraulic Foot Pumps

  • Enerpac lightweight hydraulic foot pump is robust, durable and compact
  • Steel pump frame for maximum stability
  • Steel pumping handle
  • Aluminium reservoir
  • Foot pedal lock and lightweight construction for portability
  • Two-speed operation reduces foot pedal strokes
  • Large foot-pad release valve for controlling load descent
  • Internal pressure relief valve for overload protection

MP-Series, Multi-Fluid Hand Pumps

  • Enerpac multi-fluid hand pumps are ideal for testing and filling applications
  • Superior corrosion resistance
  • Impregnated aluminium anodized pump housing with stainless steel internal pumping components
  • Standard Nitrile seals – excellent for demineralized water, oil/water emulsions, water glycols, mineral oils, hydraulic fluids
  • Custom EPDM seals available for use with Skydrol® or brake fluids
  • Two speed hand pumps up to 14,500 psi pressure
  • Externally adjustable pressure relief valve
  • 1/4" NPTF gauge port

P11-Series, Ultra-High Pressure Hand Pumps

  • Enerpac high pressure hydraulic hand pumps offer two-speed operation on the P-2282 allowing for faster fill, reducing cycle times for many testing applications
  • 303 Stainless steel construction on the 11-100 and 11-400 hand pump models enable use with many different fluids, such as distilled water, alcohol, diesters, silicones, soluble oils and petroleum
  • Large release knob for improved control of pressure release
  • Outlet ports are 3/4"-16 cone for 40,000 psi rating