Enerpac Hydraulic Lift Systems

Enerpac has been developing lifting equipment and systems for over 50 years. Our lifting systems provide solutions for precise positioning of heavy loads. By integrating computer controls and hydraulics, our products are able to make complicated lifting jobs safer and easier to perform. Our continued focus on safety and reliability has made us the preferred supplier to many of the industry’s leading lifting and rigging equipment experts.

SFP-Series, 10,000 Split Flow Hydraulic Pumps

  • The electric driven split flow pump is an economical solution for multi-point controlled lifting and lowering applications
  • Multiple Outlets with Equal Oil Flow
  • 2, 4, 6 or 8 split-flow outlets
  • Individual or simultaneous operation of valves, with advance/hold/retract function
  • Joystick (manual) controlled or pendant (solenoid) controlled valves
  • Flow per outlet ranging from 20 to 305 in3/min at 10,000 psi
  • For double- and single-acting cylinders
  • Adjustable pressure relief valve per circuit
  • Reservoir: 5, 10 or 40 gallons
  • All models include pressure gauges

EVO-Series, Synchronous Lift System

  • Enerpac’s family of EVO synchronous lifting systems provides precision control suitable for most lifting/lowering applications.
  • Managing lifting operations from a central control system improves safety and operational productivity
  • Lifting system to control 4, 8 or 12 lifting points (12 points for Standard EVO only)
  • Intuitive user interface provides easy set-up and control with multiple lifting options
  • Accuracy of up to 0.040 in (1 mm) between leading and lagging cylinders
  • For use with standard single- or double-acting cylinders
  • Built in warning and stop alarms for optimum safety
  • Available with several flow options for optimal lifting speed

SL,SBL, MBL-Series, Hydraulic Gantries

  • Enerpac hydraulic gantries have a number of unique features to ensure optimum stability and safety:
  • Self-contained hydraulics and electronics
  • Intelli-Lift wireless control system
  • Self-propelled wheels or tank rollers
  • Foldable boom on SBL1100, MBL500 and MBL600
  • Full range of supplementary equipment: header beams, lifting lugs, side shift, skid tracks
  • All gantries are ASME B30.1 compliant

SHS-Series, Synchronous Hoist

  • Enerpac synchronous hoist provides accurate hoisting and load positioning
  • High precision vertical load maneuvering, with the use of one crane
  • Reduces the risk of damage from oscillations due to sudden crane starts/stops
  • Improves operating speed and worker safety
  • Optional PLC controls for high accuracy hoisting and load positioning system
  • 10,000 psi double-acting push/pull cylinders equipped with safety valve for protection in event of hose rupture or coupler damage

HSL-Series, Stand Jacks

  • Full control of lifting and lowering through SCC control system
  • Two sizes strand diameter: 0.62" (15.7mm) and 0.71" (18mm)
  • Complete line of electric and diesel power pumps
  • Nickel plated telescopic pipes preventing bird caging
  • Standard supplied with anchor
  • Automated locking - unlocking operation
  • Special corrosion treated high endurance multi-use wedges
  • Full range of accessories: strand dispenser, strand guide, re-coiler

BLS-Series, Double-Acting Climbing Jacks

  • A Simple Solution to Incremental Lifting
  • Climbing Jacks include integral tilt saddles with maximum tilt angles up to 5°
  • Large base with anti-rotation rod for stability and safety
  • Built-in safety valve prevents accidental over-pressurization
  • Baked enamel finish for increased corrosion resistance
  • CR-400 couplers included on all cylinder models

Jack Up Systems

  • The jack up system is a custom developed multi-point lifting system
  • A typical system setup includes four jack up units positioned under each corner of a load.
  • A four unit setup has a lifting capacity of 2,000 metric tons (500 tons per unit)